Helping Others: The Greatest Lesson of Karate


 now more than ever, it is important to consider what this time of year is really about. 

December is about showing love and care, and helping others around you. When it comes to helping others, there is no straight line. Through words, actions, and organizations, this can be shown, and taught, in many ways.

Karate Teaches Us the Art of Helping Others

At the dojo, we instill the concept of helping others in our training each and every day. We believe in living a balanced life, and an important key to that is being of service to others. The goal is that, over time, this trait comes to our students with pure instinct. 

The best part about this concept, is that the action is broad. Helping others can refer to being a shoulder to cry on, offering to help your neighbour shovel their driveway, or even contributing to a local charity. Your actions speak loud in each and every way.

Helping Others at Douvris Martial Arts

Douvris Martial Arts is proud to offer our students many different outlets each year in which they can help others both through their daily lives and organizations. 

Striving 4 Excellence Program

Children (ages 7 to 12) and tykes (ages 4 to 6) that are beginning their martial arts journey are all introduced to our famous ‘Striving 4 Excellence Program’. These workbooks contain lessons, teach goal-setting, and most importantly- focus on a ‘word of the month’. Each and every one of these words not only hold meaning, but when understood, power as well.

Students are taught what words like respect, courtesy, and courage mean, and what they look like in daily life. Through this, they are able to develop knowledge and understanding of ways in which they can choose to act. Some everyday ways that you can help others are:

  • Being there for your peers, and listening to what they have to say.
  • Ask your friends or family how their day has been going. This helps those around you feel loved, and shows them that you care.
  • Holding the door for someone in need, or just to be nice! This simple action can go a long way. Now that person will feel the need to help others, and so on.
  • Offer to help with a task. Whether it is bringing in the groceries, or handing out papers for your teacher, things like this make other’s lives that much easier.
  • Asking other classmates to play with you at recess. This helps to make everyone around you feel included. 

You can view our karate programs in full and learn more about our Striving 4 Excellence program at

Kids Kicking Cancer Canada

Each year, Douvris Martial Arts partners with Kids Kicking Cancer Canada to help raise funds, and awareness for those involved. This program provides martial arts classes and hospital visits to children across the country who are affected by illness. You can continue to donate to this program year-round here.

Ten Oaks Project

Another organization that Douvris Martial Arts is proud to support each year, is the Ten Oaks Project in Ottawa. Through funds and awareness, they provide camp programs to children, youth and families from the 2SLGBTQ+ (two spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer) communities. We run a fundraiser annually, but contributions can also be made year-round here.

Final Notes:

Please be advised that this article is based on our own thoughts and opinions and have not been approved by a professional. Our karate and martial arts programs are offered at 9 locations across the Ottawa and Gatineau Region. You can learn more here.