Kids (7-12 yrs)

Our Kids program is keeps children aged 7 to 12 active and helps increase fitness levels, balance & co-ordination, concentration, and self-discipline. 

Ottawa Kids Karate Lessons & Programs

Our kids karate program is designed for children 7 to 12 years of age. It provides a fun martial arts curriculum for beginners. The program keeps kids active and helps increase fitness levels, balance & co-ordination, concentration, and self-discipline. Emphasis is placed on goal setting and personal success, while teaching kids how to stay safe and avoid dangerous situations.

Our karate lessons will provide your child with a whole range of life skills, including:

  • Personal focus and concentration
  • Self-confidence
  • Courtesy and respect
  • Self-defense skills
  • Leadership and teamwork

Martial Arts and School Academics

Did you know that Martial Arts instruction has a unique ability to create grade “A” students? It’s no coincidence that a lot of our students bring home top marks on their report cards. Our karate lessons are designed to focus on a students’ development by improving their attention span, improving their concentration and helping them set personal goals. It’s essential for kids to learn these skills to help them succeed in their school curriculum. Our DOUVRIS karate programs practice these skills during our karate sessions. For example, each of our classes starts with a warm-up. During our warm-up we include a few moments of silence so that each student can reflect upon the activities from that day. For younger children, we start with just a few moments, and as they move to a new belt level, we increase the time so that they can learn to sit still longer and give attention to their thoughts.

Also during the warm-up we teach breathing exercises as proper breathing is not only important in sports but is known to assist in mindfulness in stressful situations. These basic mediation exercises teach children to calm their thoughts to help increase their ability to deal with the daily demands associated with tests, peer pressure and stress. Many therapists believe that people could handle stress and anxiety better, if they were equipped with good breathing techniques.

Our classes consist of doing drills, katas, games and other exercises to help children learn to improve their attention span and concentration. These small exercises are just some of the ways that a Martial Arts program can provide essential skills needed for a child to succeed in life. It is a great investment for your child’s growth now and for the future!

Karate is Great Physical Exercise

Does your child seem to have a lot of access energy? Wouldn’t it be nice to take some of that extra energy for yourself? While we can’t help you there, we can lend a hand in wearing your child out through fun physical activities. It’s important in a child’s development to include physical activity as it promotes a healthy lifestyle later in life. While expending their energy in our karate programs, children also learn strength, flexibility, balance, and hand-eye coordination. Karate is a positive way for a child to release all that pent up energy, so they can come home to be quiet and concentrate on doing their school work!

Overcoming Bullying with Karate

The word bully has been trending throughout media these past few years, and it is good to see children being taught how to stand up and speak up if they or someone else is being bullied. A lot of emphasis seems to focus on preventative bullying, which is excellent to see, though not a lot is being taught on how they can protect themselves in a dicey situation.

If your child has been bullied or is being bullied, then a martial arts program can rebuild your child’s confidence.  For a child being bullied, it creates a lot of anxiety and insecurities from within. Continued bullying overtime starts to re-write their thought process to center on negative thoughts of not being good enough. These internal thoughts directly impact their self-esteem, self-worth and well being. Karate will build your child’s self-esteem by providing them  with encouragement, giving them awards for completing belt levels, and having strong, positive role models for them to admire. Our karate program aids to change their internal voice to more positive thoughts on how they feel about themselves and teaches them to stand-up in the face of adversity.

One component of our karate curriculum focuses on self defense and how to stay safe. The first part of our self defense teaches children how to defuse those situations with words and how to avoid it from escalating. We teach children to be assertive not aggressive.  Another part of our self defense course teaches them how to protect themselves just in case the situation turns physical. When your child comes home from school, you probably don’t want to hear that they were in a fight, though wouldn’t you feel better knowing your child had the capability to fight back and protect themselves from harm?  Karate doesn’t teach children to fight, to the contrary, it teaches them to protect him or herself, if and when absolutely necessary.  The best way for your child to learn to protect themselves is to learn proper self defense skills and to have those skills routinely practiced so it becomes second nature. Our DOUVRIS karate program will teach your child defense skills so that they can be prepared for any situation life happens to throw at them.

Learn To Be a Leader

What is the key to being a great leader? It is knowing how to be one, of course. The DOUVRIS karate program allows older children to join our leadership team so they can receive the experience of being a leader in life. Our young leaders are taught how to manage a class of younger belt students, giving them hands-on experience with knowing how to influence people. Our leadership program also gives them an opportunity to practice public speaking by talking to the class and completing demonstrations.  The leadership skills taught are essential in today’s work place so that they have the confidence to excel as a manager, director, CEO, or any other job that requires leadership.

Karate Trial Membership

Our Kids Karate Trial Membership includes two classes and a new uniform for only $19.95.  Our Karate Trial Membership is available at all of our Ottawa-Gatineau locations. Build a well-rounded child. Learn how karate can help your child develop respect for others, honesty, and self-worth. Contact DOUVRIS today, or call us at 613-234-5000 to sign-up!