Sensei Sebastian Couture

Sensei Sebastian has always had a passion for helping others achieve their goals and aspirations in martial arts and physical health. He has been teaching for over ten years and has worked his way up the ranks to head instructor of the highly successful Douvris Barrhaven Dojo. Whether it be helping young karate tykes, teens and adults looking to learn something new, competitive athletes or people with special needs Sensei Sebastian can do it all.

Sensei Sebastian is a certified Can Fit Pro Canada Personal training specialist and Douvris martial arts head fitness trainer. He has taken a huge passion in fitness and physical health over the last couple years and has dedicated the majority of his free time into learning more and growing his knowledge in fitness training. He has worked with competitive sports teams, fitness beginners and fitness enthusiasts. He offers personal training sessions, groups training sessions, competitive and elite training for athletes and he is the head trainer for the Douvris Barrhaven TBT fitness program.

For free time, Sensei Sebastian enjoys riding his motorcycle and travelling.